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The first collaborative project between Nikochet and Sun E-D. Certainly not the last. We take it back to the late 80s in 2015. This is tale of two cities not written by charles dickens, east boston and brighton the world shall all witness. Hope you enjoy!


released April 3, 2015

Nikochet - MC
Sun E-D - Producer/MC
Mixed by Daniel Gentilucci

Special thanks to Corey DePina, Zumix, Both of our moms, The Gentilucci Household, J DIlla, Snoop, and Our life in this time.



all rights reserved


Sun E-Shea Boston, Massachusetts

Sun E-Shea is Nikochet (MC) and Sun E-D (Producer and MC.) We are stuck in the past and we are staying for the music. Download our new album for some old school flavor from some new school homies.

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Track Name: Murray
i excel one two three uno dos tres
it's a brand new me with the same old face
loose like my laces they never saying he's stiff
my free gift could put a hole in your boat like steve swift
the creeping suspicion that this'll go nowhere
disappears when i kick it into gear on the thoroughfare
over there they don't understand my speech
but they et enough meaning from the feeling of the beats
different pronunciations with a similar message
make me wonder why i spend so much time trimming the hedges
if it doesn't make a difference i'ma just stay silent
i'm not even gonna talk man
aww but i just did
i couldn't do it even if i was trying
my mom could vouch i have always been defiant
just applying my divine will to rhyming to refine it
i'll perform a heinous crime as a random act of kindness
you must be crazy if you think that you insane as us
move back like when i forget to wear my retainers
i treat a show like ping pong it sure is fun
i'd keep talking if the mic was off like forest gump
and make em stand up like hot potato couches
i'm the most straightforward stand up guy who slouches
if an ill rhyme travels you could trace it back to him
some might not fathom if it's not an acronym
so G - I - F - G - T - E - F - T - A - B - C
W - A - C - L - S - T - B
meaning God It Feels Great To Elaborate Full Throttle
Always Been Choice Without A Choice Like Spin The Bottle
give me a bunch of words and i could make a slogan work
steady making classic hits like bob odenkirk
call me matt foley smash a table while i'm speaking
conquer goals over the weekend my abilities increasing
now every time i ventilate ears i penetrate
they call what i do with the pen a trait
this wasn't my born skill i was birthed without a purpose
through years of nothingness i found that nothing was worthless
so in a second i'm a renaissance man with good intentions
inflections of meta better me but i wasn't expecting
to reach the level i'm on from righting the first word
the first word that i wrote wasn't the first word
pieced together like a one colored puzzle
most the pieces look the same but the changes are subtle
the big picture in the end will be broken and built again
i keep it raw no filter some children i am bewildering
it ain't hoover noun when this dude's in town
even at my lowest point you could not shoot me down
my time is now but it seems past due
the only reason that i ever sleep is because i have to
i want to work i never plead to rest
we be blessed as hip hops s - e - c - t - s
no one's around me when i write these poems
but i won't let you think for one moment that i'm alone
some stay and others scurry away
i'm on a mission to be in the waves of murray the k
i win 10 out of 10 whether later or sooner
my crew are motivators known as high rated crooners
you should try your best and know that those who do too die
lately it's looking like i'm the new old blue eyes
you wouldn't know it but buddy i'm some kind of poet
and i got a lot of things i want to say on microphone components
i'm taking flight so the words from mass spread
with in your face force to p-p-pop your black heads
never on a track with fake asinine panoply
losing my mind i should pray to saint anthony
using my time just to see what i can achieve
opportunity's kind i'm giving daps to the hand that feeds
my style's science these linguistics more like astrophysics
master of kicking it don't get it backwards or twisted
chase the to cuts kid this timid in ease don't
grace illustrious with peeps seized to seasoned poems
hit home accuracy is either miss or make
only time it seems that i stop is when i flip the tape
i continue with great words to live by
shedding light to illuminate a dim sky
i'm old fashioned call me nick coltrane
some people want world piece i'm going for the whole thang
push and shove no miring in the mud
to be a sire's in my blood i'm never getting tired of
dropping fire from above this is chicken parmageddon
excelling to higher living and i know that i'm gonna get it
almost entirely cuz i said i could
and i'm the one who knows not brenton wood
so follow my tracks and keep your knees up
pick up the slack as we pass and we'll see who keeps up
like what
Track Name: Boz
there's so many opinions to this
but what i like is what i like
to me it doesn't make a difference
what i'm gonna bump throughout the day or the night
because music is music
except when it's not
i'm never bumping garbage only music that's improving
this big wide world in my hands that i got

it's god's miracle imperial beseeched
the feeling of these syllables cannot be explained in speech
a brand new assortment but the noises are ancient
cordially the crowd moves up and down like the wavelengths
the stage is not a monster one's fear is only people fright
to me it's such a regal sight deep enough blithe to see the light
competing for the top is such an evil plight
im better on my own echelon you do not need to like
the maharishi attention like ROTC
the expansion of random frequencies is indeedly as far as he sees
ain't no choice but to embrace and rejoice
how a noise escapes exploits creates and pinpoints
a past present future moment ask where the music's going
just like my emotions only time will tell leave em open
my first motion to hip hop was a big bang mayday
but nuthin but a g thang baby
such a wild sensation need the vibrations like water
from boz scaggs to ozzy big wax or frank sinatra
with such a high interest it's like money laundered usury
in Man's Universal Solution In Congruency
we're all writing into the book of divine witnesses
unless it's unkind waste time swine businesses
opposite of timeless money's the only reason indulged
this sonny bumps and spawn purely for the love
with high honor won't be squandered dumbing down's fake
numbing my skull from the intake and outtake
it makes my soul feel great
but shrinks my head and gives me a bigger mouth
the real reason why i do this i haven't figured it out
but i'll let you know when i do
and i would detach from the hip quit if it wasn't true
but i won't question it now because i'm feeling astounding
i'll just hum snap my fingers and keep on counting

there's so many opinions to this
but what i like is what i like
to me it doesn't make a difference
what i'm gonna bump throughout the day or the night
because music is music
except when it's not
i'm never bumping garbage only music that's improving
this big wide world in my hands that i got
Track Name: Clive
heeeeeere we go

once upon a time not long ago
i found out about hard beats rhymes and flows
i wasn't sure what they were but man i didn't care
cuz my head was happy bobbing to the sounds my ears
i was hooked but never could enough appease
so i would stay up late listening never catching Z's
thinking damn this beat's fresh how the hell did he say that
one day i lost my tape MA WHERE MY KILLA TAPE AT
she said "it's under your bed you'd see it if you picked up your clothes"
ma you gotsta chill i'm busy bumping sick flows
i got a whooping for being wise
deserved it after laughter came tears in my eyes
i wiped em and went to listen to my record from jive
and i thought hmm maybe i got the stuff and the vibes
to be the best MC inflicting flow and composition
wanted to be so good that there is no competition
but when i got into it i didn't know what to do
say something that i don't mean? nah i remember guru
he said you need knowledge of self fake MCs play hard
and i knew by being me that there is no greater reward
so now i wake up blessed to do and know what my talents are
strive to be the best to reach a godly caliber
gain respect for these reflections at any length
to make em even better made connections with danny gents

we don't stop just collaborate and listen
to real hip hop the sound track to this crazy mission
we never stop just collaborate and listen
to real hip hop the soundtrack to this crazy mission
we never stop just collaborate and listen
as we rite the soundtrack to this crazy mission
we never stop just collaborate and listen
to real hip hop the soundtrack to this crazy mission

cherish the remembered past but not as a zeal of yore
live for the future with more in store for you to feel me more
the tenor i enter shows in the center i'm opulent
get the studio rocking from the second i'm hopping in
more times than often well skilled and clean
learned how to rhyme from shel silverstein
it's not insane how i'm just the plain nicest
rise for no apparent reason like train prices
when the loop hits
there's only three ways to do it
the right way the wrong way and the way that i do it
and the secret is throw away the god forsaken rubric
that's how we produce more hits than stanley kubrick
it's stupid pain staking being brain aching scholars
but it all pays off when nick and danny making dollaz
as high coronal MCs uncommonly solemnly
holler augury through the sovereignty
obviously humdingers through and through
too true the crew known as the treacherous two
sun e shea got a funny way of flaunting this
whether to the walls or the symphony hall audience
oh godness since he started to say it
parts have garnished the farthest but the style remained archaic
cuz he's school using candles as clocks
the freshest dude you've ever seen in sandals and socks
and his grandpaps 67 race track scaly cap
the unofficial uniform for when he's sworn to rally raps
aw crap the omen is loose
understand when the verse is writ it's the moment of truth
he could blast through the task when asked to fill a track
record mix and master and send it to wolfman jack
after day's of constructing the right noise
we could finally let it reign play the funky music white boy

we don't stop just collaborate and listen
to real hip hop the sound track to this crazy mission
we never stop just collaborate and listen
to real hip hop the soundtrack to this crazy mission
we never stop just collaborate and listen
as we rite the soundtrack to this crazy mission
we never stop just collaborate and listen
to real hip hop the soundtrack to this crazy mission
Track Name: Albert
everyday is like a friday and i came to wreck a track
with a bigger impact than the act of rebecca black
i'm past okie dokie other rappers ookie dookie cacki
spooky how cooks softer than gooseneck soup with sukiyaki
are allowed to influence gain power and interest
but leave no sentiments just a limp timid wince
while the speech i preach releases stronger than dragon talk
humble as a peach but never cease to brag a lot
known around the block as slang talk infatuation
since inauguration blotching papers til his fingers aching
racing over appalachian mountains for a morning jog
drop wastes of space based upon if they're sure to bog
the godly minister an indeedly needed overseer
make you remember like the nina pinta and santa..
uhh.. claus? man who cares about refined flaws
while i'm producing more than aisle nine at a shaw's
it's all noggin bobbing worthy hocking
for i spend the time working rather than girly gawcking
acquired the desired earned wits of nikochet
which is knowledge of self but learned to say in a different way
always on the search with the urge for the other route
burn like birch whether the moon or the sun is out
and keep it going til there's nothing left a bitter ender
but even at that moment the kid'll never surrender
Track Name: Henry
open up your ears for a moment of sweet noise
from the man with the most choice and deep voice
spiritually not physically
no contralto just high alto and wizardry
b-b-banging through your sound system
whether cheap or high leased you find it's d-d-d-d-dumb
ill yo he extending like anvil
while fallacy senders tend to go nowhere like a stand still
i work for the soul i am my own master
royalty's in the house like damn lancaster
make the ink pen last past the
next big bang to be cast in the astros
all my time is well earned
and well spent like money in my pockets to burn
i could never get enough of it
just like the melodies and drums from the percussionist
forever lasting as forever first
i gather all my thoughts just to let them disperse
wherever they travel all they will release is wisdom
the mind unravels and fathoms epiphenomenalisms
every beginning stems from an end
apprehend each tend to help ascend
well spoke like schwinn
never do i hope cuz i know i'm gonna win

(sun e d)
some come some go wonton egg roll
nonstop playing till it's all relatable
yeah sure i didn't grow up in no ghetto
but similar minds think alike it's surely simple
that's debatable smash a table full of cards and chips
and be careful which cards you pick
my rage inside is uncontainable
tune in with two drops of this
booming like metropolises
no competition squash a squad in minutes
i spit that toxic nauseous funky rhythm
that boy over there he got some honky in him
but grooves and got soul like collins and clinton
the treacherous two they're on a mission
fear not the vigilant hip hop defenders are back
with pissed off intentions
so get off our genitals
before we start the sinning
Track Name: Marshall
somewhere in the middle of spitting to get my point across
all that was noticed was the image and my voice was lost
anoint the blotched makeup and hoist the cross
rappers suck oyster toss deploy the bombs
haven't been doing this long since novembers end
in order to get strong i had to dismember friends
found new inspirations for the stem
but somehow someway they think it goes back to eminem
i was rocking a show at my school
i was spitting and some fools couldn't see it as they sit and drooled
they overlooked the lavish pattern he ravaged
and catastrophically started chanting b rabbit
i see it as a compliment but my name is anonymous
if all you wanna do is bottle it in comparison
to a guy i never met before this ain't a restless war
but i'm getting kind of fed up so i better set the score
i'm extraordinary vless the chord every
time i hit triple cherry score to touch the stere
o m g flow til i'm empty
MC credency no incredulous deficiencies
there's simple instructions when i hear the akai sing
i ain't bluffin for another mutha fucka this is my thing
to the mic my hands stuck
but when i hear the real slim shady i do not stand up
cuz how am i supposed to take his spot if he never stops
shows up to a cypher spits nine bars and wrecks shop
and never fell off even when facing elustrin
case closed point made back in bassmint productions
it's not a diss just an awkward high five
but separate us both cuz i talk with my pride
i don't steer towards stealing from marshall
i peer to my interior to build up my arsenal
if there's even a smidgen of knowledge in you
you could see all the aspects it's broken down into
expand your horizons to more than a single culture
before we swoop down and you get sliced with the wings of vultures
the haters now will say our bad flows were better then
who'd i be compared to if i was afro american
there needs to be a relation with something brand new
and an opinion for one to voice and stand to
look i respect that got mine also
but just see me as my own person cuz we all know
there's only one of each who see it as they see it and speak it
and damn straight i'm living up to mine you better believe it
it would be a damn waste and an utter disgrace
to have another man's soul to replace my face
hail grace you do your thing and i'ma do mine
and maybe one day our paths will intertwine
they try to pigeonhole white nonconforming witty writers
but i bet my melanins more disorderly from the vitiligo
i have gotten my point across my pet peeve annoys
personally i think i'm more reminiscent of the beastie boys
Track Name: Eleanor
continue perfecting the art although it seems fine
pack more lyrics together than people on the green line
who are slain by my chain sloganing
my veins remained strained while up later than paid programming
with high aspirations my pace'll remain progressional
provide more information than a nova special will
there's been a massacre in the bean my born town
the elements of the music and vocals form a compound
of raw sound completely untouchable
only reach defeat when in the deep clutch of will
much to instill more stuff than a hoarder
a minister but not ordained there's no order
sort of topsy turvy a non conformer of words and such
intertwine through the beat like vines upon a pergola
a murder uncertain of the next victim
release a herd of dogs on the command to sick em (sick em)

(sun e-d)
bring the fire like k rudolph
straight doowop shit that raises the roof off
dazed and confused off strains of the buddha
not a stranger to music
Confucius says need good pay and a good job
zoom in on my face and i look lost
cook bombs in reason or logic
he's not retarded
we weekly weeded wreaking of the sparked piff
creep through the deep sea garden
sun e-d's not cheap on the market there's a fee
slide your visa and charge it
on the beach with the harlot
sipping three of the largest
b double e's to the r's bitch
throw enemies in the tar pit
show "MC's" to there coffin coughing
need a fiji and some halls man tall man
making beats at the t stop jam
the cd in your walkman or whatever you call it
cash credit debit no card
just want a little respect for we rekindling hip hop again
sun e shea no stopping them
Track Name: Gino
i hold the crowd while a rookie fumbles
i came to break the ground like how the cookie crumbles
i didn't stumble or stress when i wrote this flow
even with a gps there is no telling where nick goes
rock a mic on the drop of a dime it's a sign like citgo
that this divine sick deserves a couple nickels
i'll perform anywhere anytime like travis bickle it's
a maverick above average the lavish nicholas
sporadic inferences from wu tang influences
couldn't get these mouth tools from your neighborhood dentist
not to mention this beats from another galaxy
i always speak at great lengths and i'm never sending fallacy
through the mic chord yo i'm a rap cyborg
trouble finding the right words my advice is try more
dig deep and you'll soon get it
some people only go six feet while i go into the center
with the fire on a higher level you can't reach
i got more rhymes than grains of sand on the entire beach
champion fighter i can't be beat
these weak speakers is bleak writers they wreak like feet
*sniff* yikes get em the odor eaters
waste time on the mic and then you'll owe the meter
as quick as i can i get it done like an errand
nick be coming from the six one seven
east boston quiet when the beast talking
all he wanna hear is the beat and ya feet stomping
from the front all the way to the back row
don't act slow dunce act like ya know
and dance if you wanna
as he make a song in a trance with magic like
harry potter cosmo and wanda
on a mission to be bumped in jeeps and hondas
as a bonus to street corners so when he hear a beat he ponders
and pick up what you won't like a pelican
as he delve into a swell singing fling tell a friend
yo the kid with no melanin's selling lyrics by the ton
get the camcorder recording as he lunge puns he's hoarding for fun
it be you're utt-most favor
to take notes of a rap game saver evoking the flavor
the people's person needs to preach as if it's urgent
down to earth beneath the surface like the beat that he's immersed in
a universal earthling diverse bold and proud
who even with nothing left will still hold a crowd
cuz something that i've learned in this known hip hopping war
is coincide the lyrics with leaving the people wanting
Track Name: Frankie
yo i kick it like punts but stunt like evil kneivel
spitting diesel lyrics on a gut feeling like devo
tivo suggests that you record me me and my allegory
empowering the youth ayo word up corey
wack MC's bore me
i rather listen to a one day old baby tell me his life story
if you're talking hurly burly you'll get slapped like you're curly
i came out hurling pearls to the world six days early
i couldn't wait to stride with pride for the rhyme
every night i fall asleep with the mic by my side
and have a lucid dream of me confusing the scene
i'm just getting warmed up so get used to the steam
i awake to debate everything in my path
my fate's to make a difference and my aftermath
might not be seen in the body but the soul
will be studied and known as hip hop's protocol
rap is defined as uttering sharply
freely but at a length to match the bars with the beat
the content's full of prominent accomplishments
when you hear the song it's obvious who has the common sense
there's no tolerance for ignorance or lack of confidence
a one sided bigot will never speak to all the continents
dishonesty's not in a wanted MC
for in the real h i p h o p policy
truth is spoken as i count bars on my fingers and toes kid
devote my life to evoking for leaving minds open
twenty five hours a day eight days a week
my thoughts ricochet off the walls nikochet is the greatest to speak
as i bob my head to a beat so dulcet
i project majestic well said lyrics effortless
pulling out the alphabet from the crevasses of my cranium
to leave my levitating legacy in case i die in vein young
Track Name: George
something that truly irks nick and leaves him hurt
is how the days go by too quick when he doesn't work
it's no ones fault but mine can't alter time
so i scour for hours to borrow while i walk the line
won't wallow in open hopes that tomorrow will bring a victory
for soaking in today's a step to uncover the mystery
of will it occur will i receive all i prefer
endure with luster and all you're dreams will be assured
nothing is easy but i am not a nihilist
the more that's finished the more that's promised
so that you do not need to wish
the progressional process is what makes one their honest best
don't wait too long to realize it cuz time will move right on to the next
Track Name: Curtis
if you find me gazing into the air
with a crazy man stare don't engage leave me there
cuz i'm probably conducting the next hit or reflecting
or wondering my place on the earth i was left
pensive elusive reticent it's all fitting
cuz i spend most of my days thinking like walter mitty
zoning out to hone in on making a vision full
all eyes on me but i'm feeling invisible
my physical is still but inside i'm racing supersonic
to an astonishing place that leaves this whole world forgotten
couldn't explain how it look if i tried
it's the moments of time and my feelings which coincide
with my inner peace and it all changes within a second
just like the second you're in now isn't that interesting
you'd be crying wolf and i swear that you'd be wrong
if you said that i was here cuz it's clear that i'm gone

(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)
(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)

when i reappear i feel as i don't belong
not because i'm now here but because i've been gone
i'm not out of the loop just not in your circles placement
i might have been duped and birthed into the wrong generation
because my soul is eon's older than my body is
wise beyond my years so i'm seen as the oddest kid
a classically modern contemporary artisan
every moment of the universe is what my heart is in
for the future i take the past and present and absorb it
use the knowledge that i've garnered towards being a non conformist
ordinary folks are certain that nick is on drugs
just because i choose to live a life twelve steps above but
i get inebriated off serene aging not near the bong
rather right in your face right here but gone
going on and on i am never clocking out
connecting the most to the world when i block it out i'm here but gone

(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)
(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)

and when the day i kick the bucket is upon us
is when i'll be the most in the moment rather than a goner
until then i'ma keep hitting home
and roam the inner workings of my soul as i bellow om
Track Name: Russell
it's the existential raddest with rhythm that's illmatic
parables attract the masses but still idiosyncratic
cuz i rather not succumb to any dope head foolery
not saying that some are dumb but they don't know the vocabulary
it's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
from the dude who has the vastest vision stretched in how he flows this
imposing leaving posing foes so cold hey frozen
by the pieces of poetry and prose i'm exposing
most open hope you like it if not you must respect this
message to be inspected for the record i rock ya head with metric
til you reach a hectic brain cell calamity
i ring a bell bantering swell and outstandingly
channelling gods not fallen fraudulent MCs
call em as he see in a poem remembered likee the odyssey
golly g celebrating inflating conflating
elevating excavating with what we slate in collaborating
escaping the fate so we could be more appalling beings
ensured to score more with pure orthography
it's hard to see any improvement i need showing
but i'm going six below when i slowly stop growing
oh man what and echt true scary thing
so i'll be making and improving as a septuagenarian
and even after a well spirit respected artisan
reflecting on experience cheering the hell with charlatans
hardly in the chin sock me if i jot apocraphy
but probably won't happen cuz inside hip hop is me
it's a free tool from the soul
but these fools need to practice building up their verse control
Track Name: Lorne
here's another edition of verbal vision from the rhetorician
who instead of wishing is taking his had upon a mission
to poeticize and live a better life
each day and night is another test of getting by
well i'm ready cuz i've been with the mic my study buddy
memorizing the subject to rise above these cruddy duddies
passing with flying colors i'm dull as hugh jackman's fist
fellas know that i'm a truth rap activist
purposely do it incomparable this way
the one who will flourish and be noticed is known as nick shea
give me a stage so this bull here can rage
over each phrase that he lays upon a page
yo my flows tight also out of sight
although i could fight i much rather recite cuz that's entertainment
like saturday's with lorne
blessed be the ways to be praised and not scorned
by these scathing haters who cannot relate to something greater
my states full of history just like my data
i'm creating something new similar to pilgrims
my skill will swindle em to rock their heads like a pendulum
so rock your heads like a pendulum a pendulum
rock rock your heads as i enter them i enter them
so rock your heads like a pendulum a pendulum
rock rock your heads as i enter them i enter them
i leave my mark leave the proof i'm not a mamaluke
these crews on stoops like what i produce they say salute
Track Name: Cornelius
if you play the tunes i'll sing
those with it wicked melodies to make you do the charleston
or the carlton just move it til it hurts
not discarding any all music will work
whether it's rock soul you could even bring me pop
as long as it's groovy enough to make me do the lindy hop
we're like a flash mob without the choreography
classical or modernly all please follow me

just lose it let go of you're nerves
ease the tension as you wiggle your curves
if you got none it's quite okay
just move in every and any possible way
just lose it let go of you're nerves
ease the tension as you wiggle your curves
if you got none it's quite okay
just move in every and any possible way

i don't hesistate there's no could he or should he
i go straight in east coast boogie woogie
check the footing i move all around but hold my ground
while i make these sound rounds just keep the count like
(incoherent babble)
whther in bell bottoms or dapper accord
grab a swell partner and maybe do the rapper sword
or whatever there's no wrong way of feeling this
each and every line got soul like don cornelius
it's cuz they're all a bit different
every time w move we break the laws of physics with our
new adaption of styles all mixed in
from the old fox trot to the brand new retarded chicken
now usually you can't step to this
buit this time around i'll put this tune on the exception listen


we like the neat funky talk instead of the bland flam
to this teens'll dance on american bandstand
and next week you know where we'll be found
headlining on friday at jake lamotta's cop lounge
with spectacular vernacular on a piece of box
even jesus got down even jesus got down he didn't just walk
cuz we all gotta move even if it's just tapping your feet
it puts the poetry in motion makes the rapping complete
Track Name: Barbara
(you) is who? got me over here wondering
find it out as youth openly uttering
degrees of one's life some are unbeknownst to
just know that you soul will live on with or without
(you) in your object targets and the unexpected
people you've connected with but have no recollection
you could make a bigger impact than you can feel
you're one of a kind not repackaged factory sealed
free to roam to each their own
in the satisfaction when deep alone
no longer present in those you used to see
absent due to the act of you-ancy
self guided living will help the mind that's a given
but sometimes it's unkind you wanna give in
fibbing that you don't got it then you will rot
once you let go of your spot then you are not
(you) and you're living stressed an often mean
needa go and take a double dose of fluoxetine
wallow on the floor learn to adapt
to this brand new you "this is me" you needa snap
out of it be your greatest good and be proud of it
profound and understood in yourself tell me how does it
feel? undoubtadely genuine
i swear i could outlive the power of ends of ends
in my existence i know who's who
deep in my soul i'm the one who snoops
i recommend you do too
i found as an MC i speak to two groups
the crowd the audience who else
well much more loud i speak to myself
never dwell on clowns inferior
the most serious is the clearness in the mirror
needa open up my eyes widely
to see the fiery beats tryna misguide me
if i get tricked it's okay cuz i still remain *insert name*
i understand it's all a benefit
to help me expand and find a better fit
whether slow or fast
i'm on the path where i'll reach my greatest mass
it's not just about you it's also about me
cuz honestly we are one to some degree
the pieces come together to form a whole
each uniqueness lies in the soul
it's not about the steepness of your dividends
it's about the deepness you see in your fingerprints
it's not about the one's you roll with
it's about being open and seeing this in the boldest
font you are the one
who matters the most here under this sun
it might sound selfish is all hell
but all is only well with the knowledge of self
so no mater what you do make it what you love doing
to ride the waves of life with ease and fluent
and when describing yourself don't make it what you're known for
define it by the truth you find in your own utopia
Track Name: Meryl
a clear blue sky and the air is crisp
leaves me with a bodily high sheer bliss
though the leaves of the trees are gone
they still hold strong just waiting for their new spawns
with more than hope but the knowing the time will come
from the strength of time done i climb to the sun
just to look down and see the peace and serenity
"under the extremity remedies think there's any? please
it's a nonstop whirlwind
the only thing we don't feel is the world turning"
but it doesn't have to be mean
a great sight that i've seen is all the action it's quite serene
it lets me know that we're still growing and going
the devotion in forward motion to where we're not knowing
is affirmative of earth's living evolution
the boat's leaving and i know who's in
it's you you you you and her and him
all together for another is quite encouraging
not just for a day or year i'm telling gems
the connection of billions of friends lives on through millenniums
and although the leaves will come and go
the time you are hear is definitely one to know
to say the sky is always blue i would be lying
but you could grab a bottle and paint it a pure cyan cuz

the world is your canvas
each day is the paint and you just gotta handle it
squeeze em out or be gentle and meticulous
just hang it up and be proud cuz this is it
the world is your canvas
each day is the paint and you just gotta handle it
squeeze em out or be gentle and meticulous
just hang it up and be proud cuz this is it

a clear blue sky and the air is crisp
leaves me with a bodily high sheer bliss
they say it couldn't be better
but i look forward to the new future instead of
the same day after day cycle i'd go psycho
but can it be my sanity will most likely show
opportunities connections and blessing affecting
my introspection i remember recollecting
i used to think i had none and i would wait for some
but they were all in front of me i was just way too dumb
i grew so many branches
the world waits for me to be ready it can't just
disappear with no mentioned intentions
the evidence is another blessed year we're invested in
and it's here for you
as long as you're happy it don't matter what you do cuz

the world is your canvas
each day is the paint and you just gotta handle it
squeeze em out or be gentle and meticulous
just hang it up and be proud cuz this is it
the world is your canvas
each day is the paint and you just gotta handle it
squeeze em out or be gentle and meticulous
just hang it up and be proud cuz this is it
Track Name: Roberta
write a rapid rap like fabric every stitching is sold
pick a sample like he picking his nose digging for gold
oh nasty a rhyme athlete dastardly
show you how he do it cuz you wouldn't see if you were asked to read
so blast the beat as he spit coherently and very voluble
all my molecules float no matter what the weather be
sunny brisk dull bommy sweltering or nippy
no audience member has ever stated nick has jipped me
rifting through sizzling widdlings of winsome things
rocking past the nation raw like lacerations on his dingaling
mind scattering adding not adamant to patter pittering
early adolescent caterpillar after king
reigning zany mastering the art of controlling your soul and wallet
top ranked sergeant on this watchamacallit
put all in since he started at the dawn of time fathering
a style with no stepping to like they forgot pedometers
he's predominately opposite of awful and often is
recognized for his level of awesomeness and confidence
pop a stone cold rolling stone ma a soulful rocket
the stage presence of a prophet and you wonder where he got it
connect the dots it's obvious a picture unfolds
an erratic maverick an addict of packing lyrics like skoal
old nicholas is bickering how proud he is he reached this
and all that s to thank is a beat that left him speechless

can't put a muzzle on the befuddler when a beat's in front of him
to find one words a conundrum so i write a ton of them
son of sam thank you for the first amendment
i splurge then leave it with the worst best to blend it
the firm friendship of two stern bastard kids
is reassuring life's pureness like the story of lazurus
in this vast abyss where nobody leaves breathing
the tension of completion increases by every weekend
while fools bleak trends reach ends quicker than pro tools starts
i embark from the soul and hart on old school art
from the one two start to the finish peace i'm out
i please and intrigue any these guys could vouch
the devoted decipherers analyzing every letter
or the buyers not paying attention spending time on something better
they'll all tell ya in agreement along the same lines
nikochet and sun e-d plunge too deep to find
described with the term superb
we're outdated like the perm but never fading these words
jaded wits never even though he's straining his
each and every sheet he's laying in is containing -
bold statements the beat is what exfoliates
if i hadn't sold my faith to rap i would be scold at the stake
for heavens sake thank god i've reached this
i levitate until the beat leaves me speechless
Track Name: Archie
I could rock it over any loop
til I'm getting kicked off the stage like lenny bruce

(sun e-d)
many crews have been formed in time
but we set a fuse to a hoard of imported minds

I used to write a comic book called mister dude
now I write flows to beatsthat make you skip to ya loo

(sun e-d)
sickening flu rhymes illest to spew slime
from ya dinner the shrewd minds writing thrillers

you might be think that youre live but we are the livest
the type of guys to go for a high five and miss

(sun e-d)
i spit the right vibes like cyhi da prince
finalize the mix high rise to the tippytop

this the type of passion to take us upon a world tour
this ain't the last chapter this is the foreword

(sun e-d)
sunny and nick we attacking the source
in front of the click clack collaborative force

if you are what people say when you bestow to thee
then it is duly noted that woe is me (woah)
you could feel I got it all no doubt
opposite of the feeling you have when you leave your house
I'm steady dropping more seeds than Cletus
I got that archie bunker flow you be singing like edith
these are those songs that made the hit parade
guys like guys we've just got it made

sun e shea sweeping the
clouds away
on our way to where the air is sweet
sun e shea sweeping the
clouds away
on our way to where the air is sweet

(sun e-d)
duo of dope bars flow hard sunny composer like mozart
nick lifts ears quick his lyrics and flows art
sip spirits im bogart
cigarette lit as i sit in an old bar

I'll never stop man it's simple as that
my rhymes are still growing they got pimples on their back
I hit hip hop puberty now I rock stupidly
adolescent cattle rappers yall aint fooling me

(sun e-d)
grab attention on tracks attracting with lunacy
slashing these average actors so gruesomely

some call it chance and others will call it fate
how the spirits of nick and dan advancely relate

(sun e d lyric)
you'll be jamming to the tape
scanning through the page
asking "dude who is this they're outstandingly great?"

in hindsight we're each one of a kind
who formed an alliance as two of a mind

(sun e-d lyrics)
influencing scribes
Jupiter high backwards like juke for a jive
the troops have arrived screw a suite and a tie
rock a crew and some vi's
with a pair of Adidas stare at the TV
put a flare to the green piff
in the lair of the genius hear pure entertainment
sweeping in the air ain't it sweet bitch

sun e shea sweeping the
clouds away
on our way to where the air is sweet
sun e shea sweeping the
clouds away
on our way to where the air is sweet

came to tear it up came to tear it up
we be earning our keep but ain't the bucks
yes yes yall mic check you don't stop
the flows so rich but the budget is no guap