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here but gone is something we all experience. some are conscious of it.


if you find me gazing into the air
with a crazy man stare don't engage leave me there
cuz i'm probably conducting the next hit or reflecting
or wondering my place on the earth i was left
pensive elusive reticent it's all fitting
cuz i spend most of my days thinking like walter mitty
zoning out to hone in on making a vision full
all eyes on me but i'm feeling invisible
my physical is still but inside i'm racing supersonic
to an astonishing place that leaves this whole world forgotten
couldn't explain how it look if i tried
it's the moments of time and my feelings which coincide
with my inner peace and it all changes within a second
just like the second you're in now isn't that interesting
you'd be crying wolf and i swear that you'd be wrong
if you said that i was here cuz it's clear that i'm gone

(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)
(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)

when i reappear i feel as i don't belong
not because i'm now here but because i've been gone
i'm not out of the loop just not in your circles placement
i might have been duped and birthed into the wrong generation
because my soul is eon's older than my body is
wise beyond my years so i'm seen as the oddest kid
a classically modern contemporary artisan
every moment of the universe is what my heart is in
for the future i take the past and present and absorb it
use the knowledge that i've garnered towards being a non conformist
ordinary folks are certain that nick is on drugs
just because i choose to live a life twelve steps above but
i get inebriated off serene aging not near the bong
rather right in your face right here but gone
going on and on i am never clocking out
connecting the most to the world when i block it out i'm here but gone

(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)
(danny's not here miss torrance)
(nick's not here miss torrance)

and when the day i kick the bucket is upon us
is when i'll be the most in the moment rather than a goner
until then i'ma keep hitting home
and roam the inner workings of my soul as i bellow om


from Sun E​-​Shea, released April 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Sun E-Shea Boston, Massachusetts

Sun E-Shea is Nikochet (MC) and Sun E-D (Producer and MC.) We are stuck in the past and we are staying for the music. Download our new album for some old school flavor from some new school homies.

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