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this track is also known as Curly. Frankie was the name of my friend who died in a car accident when we were both ten. He partly inspired this song.


yo i kick it like punts but stunt like evil kneivel
spitting diesel lyrics on a gut feeling like devo
tivo suggests that you record me me and my allegory
empowering the youth ayo word up corey
wack MC's bore me
i rather listen to a one day old baby tell me his life story
if you're talking hurly burly you'll get slapped like you're curly
i came out hurling pearls to the world six days early
i couldn't wait to stride with pride for the rhyme
every night i fall asleep with the mic by my side
and have a lucid dream of me confusing the scene
i'm just getting warmed up so get used to the steam
i awake to debate everything in my path
my fate's to make a difference and my aftermath
might not be seen in the body but the soul
will be studied and known as hip hop's protocol
rap is defined as uttering sharply
freely but at a length to match the bars with the beat
the content's full of prominent accomplishments
when you hear the song it's obvious who has the common sense
there's no tolerance for ignorance or lack of confidence
a one sided bigot will never speak to all the continents
dishonesty's not in a wanted MC
for in the real h i p h o p policy
truth is spoken as i count bars on my fingers and toes kid
devote my life to evoking for leaving minds open
twenty five hours a day eight days a week
my thoughts ricochet off the walls nikochet is the greatest to speak
as i bob my head to a beat so dulcet
i project majestic well said lyrics effortless
pulling out the alphabet from the crevasses of my cranium
to leave my levitating legacy in case i die in vein young


from Sun E​-​Shea, released April 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Sun E-Shea Boston, Massachusetts

Sun E-Shea is Nikochet (MC) and Sun E-D (Producer and MC.) We are stuck in the past and we are staying for the music. Download our new album for some old school flavor from some new school homies.

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