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i hold the crowd while a rookie fumbles
i came to break the ground like how the cookie crumbles
i didn't stumble or stress when i wrote this flow
even with a gps there is no telling where nick goes
rock a mic on the drop of a dime it's a sign like citgo
that this divine sick deserves a couple nickels
i'll perform anywhere anytime like travis bickle it's
a maverick above average the lavish nicholas
sporadic inferences from wu tang influences
couldn't get these mouth tools from your neighborhood dentist
not to mention this beats from another galaxy
i always speak at great lengths and i'm never sending fallacy
through the mic chord yo i'm a rap cyborg
trouble finding the right words my advice is try more
dig deep and you'll soon get it
some people only go six feet while i go into the center
with the fire on a higher level you can't reach
i got more rhymes than grains of sand on the entire beach
champion fighter i can't be beat
these weak speakers is bleak writers they wreak like feet
*sniff* yikes get em the odor eaters
waste time on the mic and then you'll owe the meter
as quick as i can i get it done like an errand
nick be coming from the six one seven
east boston quiet when the beast talking
all he wanna hear is the beat and ya feet stomping
from the front all the way to the back row
don't act slow dunce act like ya know
and dance if you wanna
as he make a song in a trance with magic like
harry potter cosmo and wanda
on a mission to be bumped in jeeps and hondas
as a bonus to street corners so when he hear a beat he ponders
and pick up what you won't like a pelican
as he delve into a swell singing fling tell a friend
yo the kid with no melanin's selling lyrics by the ton
get the camcorder recording as he lunge puns he's hoarding for fun
it be you're utt-most favor
to take notes of a rap game saver evoking the flavor
the people's person needs to preach as if it's urgent
down to earth beneath the surface like the beat that he's immersed in
a universal earthling diverse bold and proud
who even with nothing left will still hold a crowd
cuz something that i've learned in this known hip hopping war
is coincide the lyrics with leaving the people wanting


from Sun E​-​Shea, released April 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Sun E-Shea Boston, Massachusetts

Sun E-Shea is Nikochet (MC) and Sun E-D (Producer and MC.) We are stuck in the past and we are staying for the music. Download our new album for some old school flavor from some new school homies.

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