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coming for eminem!!!

not really. being a white rapper makes people instantly compare you to eminem. they think you want to be the next eminem. well i don't listen to a lot of him. i rather sound like de la soul or the jungle brothers.


somewhere in the middle of spitting to get my point across
all that was noticed was the image and my voice was lost
anoint the blotched makeup and hoist the cross
rappers suck oyster toss deploy the bombs
haven't been doing this long since novembers end
in order to get strong i had to dismember friends
found new inspirations for the stem
but somehow someway they think it goes back to eminem
i was rocking a show at my school
i was spitting and some fools couldn't see it as they sit and drooled
they overlooked the lavish pattern he ravaged
and catastrophically started chanting b rabbit
i see it as a compliment but my name is anonymous
if all you wanna do is bottle it in comparison
to a guy i never met before this ain't a restless war
but i'm getting kind of fed up so i better set the score
i'm extraordinary vless the chord every
time i hit triple cherry score to touch the stere
o m g flow til i'm empty
MC credency no incredulous deficiencies
there's simple instructions when i hear the akai sing
i ain't bluffin for another mutha fucka this is my thing
to the mic my hands stuck
but when i hear the real slim shady i do not stand up
cuz how am i supposed to take his spot if he never stops
shows up to a cypher spits nine bars and wrecks shop
and never fell off even when facing elustrin
case closed point made back in bassmint productions
it's not a diss just an awkward high five
but separate us both cuz i talk with my pride
i don't steer towards stealing from marshall
i peer to my interior to build up my arsenal
if there's even a smidgen of knowledge in you
you could see all the aspects it's broken down into
expand your horizons to more than a single culture
before we swoop down and you get sliced with the wings of vultures
the haters now will say our bad flows were better then
who'd i be compared to if i was afro american
there needs to be a relation with something brand new
and an opinion for one to voice and stand to
look i respect that got mine also
but just see me as my own person cuz we all know
there's only one of each who see it as they see it and speak it
and damn straight i'm living up to mine you better believe it
it would be a damn waste and an utter disgrace
to have another man's soul to replace my face
hail grace you do your thing and i'ma do mine
and maybe one day our paths will intertwine
they try to pigeonhole white nonconforming witty writers
but i bet my melanins more disorderly from the vitiligo
i have gotten my point across my pet peeve annoys
personally i think i'm more reminiscent of the beastie boys


from Sun E​-​Shea, released April 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Sun E-Shea Boston, Massachusetts

Sun E-Shea is Nikochet (MC) and Sun E-D (Producer and MC.) We are stuck in the past and we are staying for the music. Download our new album for some old school flavor from some new school homies.

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