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we recorded this in one take. we were very pleased. MURRAY THE K IS THE FIFTH BEATLE.


i excel one two three uno dos tres
it's a brand new me with the same old face
loose like my laces they never saying he's stiff
my free gift could put a hole in your boat like steve swift
the creeping suspicion that this'll go nowhere
disappears when i kick it into gear on the thoroughfare
over there they don't understand my speech
but they et enough meaning from the feeling of the beats
different pronunciations with a similar message
make me wonder why i spend so much time trimming the hedges
if it doesn't make a difference i'ma just stay silent
i'm not even gonna talk man
aww but i just did
i couldn't do it even if i was trying
my mom could vouch i have always been defiant
just applying my divine will to rhyming to refine it
i'll perform a heinous crime as a random act of kindness
you must be crazy if you think that you insane as us
move back like when i forget to wear my retainers
i treat a show like ping pong it sure is fun
i'd keep talking if the mic was off like forest gump
and make em stand up like hot potato couches
i'm the most straightforward stand up guy who slouches
if an ill rhyme travels you could trace it back to him
some might not fathom if it's not an acronym
so G - I - F - G - T - E - F - T - A - B - C
W - A - C - L - S - T - B
meaning God It Feels Great To Elaborate Full Throttle
Always Been Choice Without A Choice Like Spin The Bottle
give me a bunch of words and i could make a slogan work
steady making classic hits like bob odenkirk
call me matt foley smash a table while i'm speaking
conquer goals over the weekend my abilities increasing
now every time i ventilate ears i penetrate
they call what i do with the pen a trait
this wasn't my born skill i was birthed without a purpose
through years of nothingness i found that nothing was worthless
so in a second i'm a renaissance man with good intentions
inflections of meta better me but i wasn't expecting
to reach the level i'm on from righting the first word
the first word that i wrote wasn't the first word
pieced together like a one colored puzzle
most the pieces look the same but the changes are subtle
the big picture in the end will be broken and built again
i keep it raw no filter some children i am bewildering
it ain't hoover noun when this dude's in town
even at my lowest point you could not shoot me down
my time is now but it seems past due
the only reason that i ever sleep is because i have to
i want to work i never plead to rest
we be blessed as hip hops s - e - c - t - s
no one's around me when i write these poems
but i won't let you think for one moment that i'm alone
some stay and others scurry away
i'm on a mission to be in the waves of murray the k
i win 10 out of 10 whether later or sooner
my crew are motivators known as high rated crooners
you should try your best and know that those who do too die
lately it's looking like i'm the new old blue eyes
you wouldn't know it but buddy i'm some kind of poet
and i got a lot of things i want to say on microphone components
i'm taking flight so the words from mass spread
with in your face force to p-p-pop your black heads
never on a track with fake asinine panoply
losing my mind i should pray to saint anthony
using my time just to see what i can achieve
opportunity's kind i'm giving daps to the hand that feeds
my style's science these linguistics more like astrophysics
master of kicking it don't get it backwards or twisted
chase the to cuts kid this timid in ease don't
grace illustrious with peeps seized to seasoned poems
hit home accuracy is either miss or make
only time it seems that i stop is when i flip the tape
i continue with great words to live by
shedding light to illuminate a dim sky
i'm old fashioned call me nick coltrane
some people want world piece i'm going for the whole thang
push and shove no miring in the mud
to be a sire's in my blood i'm never getting tired of
dropping fire from above this is chicken parmageddon
excelling to higher living and i know that i'm gonna get it
almost entirely cuz i said i could
and i'm the one who knows not brenton wood
so follow my tracks and keep your knees up
pick up the slack as we pass and we'll see who keeps up
like what


from Sun E​-​Shea, released April 3, 2015
bass - bob odenkirk
drums - forrest gump
trumpet - Sun E-D



all rights reserved


Sun E-Shea Boston, Massachusetts

Sun E-Shea is Nikochet (MC) and Sun E-D (Producer and MC.) We are stuck in the past and we are staying for the music. Download our new album for some old school flavor from some new school homies.

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